Store Policies:

Ideal Business Supplies, LLC., offers the following Terms and Conditions:

Sales Order Details:

When placing an order, please have the following information available when you call:

1.)  Your purchase order number if one is being used.

2.)  Your order containing the listed quantities and our item numbers.

3.)  Your desired "ship to" address when it is in deviation from your "bill to" address.

4.)  Any special shipping instructions: including the application of dealer reorder labels, drop shipment addresses, etc.

5.)  Please fax or e-mail all drop shipments, in order to provide accurate order fulfillment.


Ideal Business Supplies, LLC., strives to maintain prices at the lowest level. Occasionally, prices change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. An occasional printing error may occur, for that reason we reserve the right to bill and correct these errors.

Payment Terms and Discounts:

  • No discount will be allowed on freight, sale promotions or special pricing.  
  • 2% discount will be applied to orders which are placed by Master Card or Visa Credit Card,
  • (2% 10 net 30), no discount on sale promotions or special pricing.
  • 2% discount is not provided on sale promotions or special pricing.
  • 2% discount is not provided on American Express Credit Cards. 
  • No shipments will be made on accounts past due or over the established credit limit.
  • Other options are:  Prepay with company check (payment must clear our banks before product is released) , Visa, MasterCard, and America Express.
  • In the event of any late payment, a finance charge of 1.5% per month will be applied on the unpaid balance.

Freight and Shipping:

All orders are F.O.B. shipping point. Customer is responsible for customs, broker, duty taxes and other fees that may be incured . If you receive a product that has obviously been damaged in transit, please contact the carrier and Ideal Business Supplies Customer Service Department at 800-355-2870.
A $2.50 Handling Fee will be applied to each order.

Third Party Freight Collect Ideal Business Supplies, LLC. reserves the right to bill for shipping charges in the event  the third party should default on payment to respective shipping company  (UPS,FEDEX.).Your account will be charged.

 Freight  Collect  Ideal Business Supplies, LLC. reserves the right to bill for shipping charges in the event  the respective shipping companies (UPS,FEDEX) are not paid by account.  Your account will be charged.

Address corrections and resulting fees will be passed on to the purchaser.

Drop Shipment:

Ideal Business Supplies, LLC., guarantees the confidentiality of drop shipments. All shipping labels and documents list dealer (your) name and address as the shipper (ship from).

Return and Credit Policy:

Return authorization requests should be directed to the returns department at: 800-355-2870.

  • Any claims or requests for returns for any reason, must be made within a 30 Day period, which begins with the invoice date. Please provide the invoice number when calling.
  • All the returned products must be in re-sellable condition in the original packaging. Custom dealer products and labeled boxes will incur a re-boxing fee.
  • After our returns department classifies the products under consideration as defective, Ideal Business Supplies, LLC., will replace any product that is found defective if returns are made within 30 Days of purchase. 
  • All cartridges must have a minimal of 70% of their ink volume remaining.
  • Special Order Items cannot be returned.
      ·All returns must be sent freight prepaid to the returns department.  Call tags will not be issued.



Restocking Fee:

Products returned that are determined to be non-defective are subject to a 20% restocking charge.


  • Approval must be obtained from our returns department before returning any merchandise.
  • Upon approval a return authorization number will be given.
  • The return authorization number must be referenced on the shipping label or labels on the outside of the shipping container.
  • This return authorization number will be valid for a period of 30 days beginning upon the date it was given.
  • Only items in correspondence with the return authorization number and determined to be in re-sellable condition will be credited.
  • All returns must be sent freight prepaid to the returns department. Call tags will not be issued.

Cancellation Policy:

All orders that have been custom labeled and orders that have shipped and then cancelled will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability: 

Ideal Business Supplies,LLC., (hereafter referred to as IBSLLC), warrants that the goods supplied will be produced within commercially reasonable and normally accepted tolerances and that they will be free from defects in workmanship and material. Goods produced will be made to either IBSLLC specifications or, in the case of specially made goods, to the buyer's specifications. These warranties run to the original buyer of the goods from IBSLLC and not to any third parties or purchasers of goods from the buyer. In addition, the limited warranty hereinabove provided shall be in lieu of any warranty of merchant ability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose each of which warranties are expressly disclaimed and inapplicable. IBSLLCs liability for any damages for breach of the above limited warranty will be limited to the actual amount paid by the buyer for the defective goods. IBSLLC shall not be responsible for any incidentally consequential or indirect damages, loss, or expense arising out of the use of the goods purchased. Buyer hereby accepts any and all libility to any third parties to whom buyer sells these goods and further indemnifies and holds IBSLLC harmless from any and all claims made by any third parties to whom these goods are sold. Said indemnity is expressly intended to include any and all expenses IBSLLC incurs in defending any such claims (including reasonable attorney's fees) for any damages caused to equipment used in connection with the goods by buyer.Go Back